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Spaces that can be privatized to meet all your needs.

The dining room

Size: 20.5 m2

Capacity: 20 people

Description: The Dining Room is the room in which we serve breakfast to our visitors. It is a bright room decorated in a vintage and floral way, it is equipped with a sound system. Ideal for a family meal or for a birthday.

Price: starting from 200 € - please contact us

The living room

Size: 44.2 m2

Capacity: 15 people

Description: The Living Room is a warm room furnished with antique sofas and armchairs. It is equipped with a flat screen. Ideal for book clubs, knitting classes, showing a family film, etc.

Price: starting from 250 € - please contact us

The terrace

Size: 120 m2

Capacity: 80 people

Description: The Terrace is a large outdoor space allowing your guests to enjoy a view of the castle park. If necessary the terrace can be covered. It is equipped with a sound system. Ideal for a festive brunch, a birthday or a wedding.

Price: starting from 500 € - please contact us

The gardens

Size: 1.3 Ha

Capacity: 150 people

Description: The castle gardens immerse your guests in a natural and floral atmosphere. A reception tent can be installed on request. Ideal for a garden party, a baptism or a wedding under a sunny sky.

Price: starting from 200 € - please contact us

Privatization of the Castle

Live a unique and intimate experience by privatizing the Château de Saugé. Receive your guests in the ground floor spaces, on the terrace and in the castle gardens.

For your wedding or any evening event, accommodate your guests on site - up to 16 people.
Details and options on request.

Price: starting from 2 000 € - please contact us