The Chateau’s getting Closer !

Trying to organize a double shipping move has it challenges! Shippers arrived last week in Phuket to take the majority of our possessions we had previously shipped from Dubai only 5 months previously. Our worldly belongings all now encased in cardboard & bubble wrap and currently awaiting transit in Bangkok. The onward trip to Le Harve in the North of France wont take too long to materialise.  Were told the beginning of November which should coincide with our own arrival in France.

The other shipment is leaving from the UK and tops out at 25m3 plus a car!. What is surprising is the variances you get from “Professional” shipping companies who despite viewing the exact same contents quote on 35, 33 & 45 m3. How is that possible?  Our only conclusion is that its nothing to do with the actual contents or meterage and solely based on what these moving companies believe they can get away with in an attempt to maximise their return. Nevertheless a good old Excel Sheet fully detailed the dimensions and quantities, spreadsheets don’t lie so hopefully a few revised quotes will fill up the inbox.

The car incidentally is coming via Portsmouth on the ferry to Caen, Thanks Dale.

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