The Chateau is ours at last!

Well, Chateau de Sauge became a reality on the 30th of October 2018. A visit to the Notary and 1 hour later we were the proud owners of the Chateau. The Notary did advise that Frence beaureacy meant that changing a name in a set of title deeds takes 8-9 months! So what do we have to show for our efforts, a box of keys and a single sheet of paper saying we own the Chateau. The first time over the threshold knowing the property was yours was great. A sense of joy and fear at the same time, what have we done? How much work is required? What if it dosent work? All valid questions but somewhat redundant, we’ve made the purchase no going back now. We’ll that’s at keatlst what we keep telling ourselves 🙂

Lots to do and more details to follow.

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