Short lived!

A most disappointing post, despite our efforts, enthusiasm, and dreams of owning and renovating the chateau in Poupas, our plans have been thwarted by ....... Time, well to be specific the costs associated with years of neglect and abandonment. Whilst we knew the costs would be significant to renovate the Chateau, what we didn't envisige was that the costs would significantly outweigh the potential revenues/return investment, from the outset everything had to make a contribution, the land, the property, the outbuildings, an investment of circa 1m euro on the chateau alone would return at best 650k. Its no wonder that thousands of similar properties lay abandoned throughout France.... Anyone can sell a euro for fifty cents!

For those within Poupas who have seen suiters come and go, they need somone with benevolent tendencies, who's decisions are ruled by their heart and not their head. I'm sure that we could purchase the property in 3 years for less than the costs somone will spend to refurbishment it.

What's next? Well the issue was never spending money, it was losing money, so a trip to France once again beckons, another 5 ch√Ęteau's to look over in March. I'm sure our French dream will materialise........ Soon.

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