March has arrived and Spring has Sprung

Hope you like our new format Newsletter

Hello from Chateau de Saugé how is everyone doing out there ?  For the first time I have found writing this Newsletter hard – you know me, I normally chat away about everything and nothing haha but this time I found it so hard putting text onto the page and have put the laptop down on a number of occasions this week without a single word on the page.  This past year has been one of the hardest and I know I speak for so many people when I say that…personally even doing the DIY in the Chateau has seemed a chore at times which has shocked me, thankfully the sun has decided to shine this last week and just getting outside in the fresh air is having a positive effect on me, even digging out weeds and tons of stone until my back was broken has helped my resolve – I took a trip with a friend to a Plant Warehouse and we merrily filled our trailer with trees and plants and I have had such immense pleasure in thinking of where to use them in the garden and imagining what they will be like in a few years time – I think we sometimes need to concentrate on the small things and thank god we are here to enjoy them.

Chateau Gardens

Planning the gardens has been something that neither of us has any real experience with, certainly not 4 acres of gardens – when I returned with a trailer of plants I suddenly realised I had no idea where I was going to put them.  I mean you need to plan a garden (so I’m told) – how on earth do I do that when we are still battling bamboo, weeds, overgrown trees, duckweed pond, etc but plan we must.  I started looking at the main driveway and the Tearoom Terrace area – after all its the first thing you see when entering the Chateau so I thought that was probably a good place to start.   So Ive added a plum tree to the entrance where we sadly lost a apple tree, added 4 apple trees to the drive, planted up every pot I can find with beautiful colourful plants around the Chateau and Terrace, and then spent 2 days digging through weeds, nettles and stone and stone in the garden under the Terrace to create a little garden which I hope to add  Tables and Chairs to eventually for our Tearoom visitors and Events – now we have sweet smelling roses and colourful Forsythia, as well as Hollies and Bay – it will be a fabulous little hideaway in Summer.  I have also unearthed some very old steps in the gardens – beautiful old stone hidden under years of neglect now in view for everyone to enjoy.  Now onwards with more little areas – piece by piece.

Social Media

We appreciate your continued support and ask for you to checkout our Social Media.  We are now on Instagram – I finally know how to work this after a lesson off my friend Angelina Baillie-Smith (Chateau du Bailleul) and also introduced our You Tube channel with a number of videos which we hope to add to over the coming months – please check them out and give us a Like – the links are all at the bottom of this Newsletter.  Thanks again for your support and we hope you enjoy.


As you know we have Chickens and 2 Cockerills, we introudced 2 Geese (Gwenie and Gracie) and had 6 male Ducks – well we actually found out that we have 5 male and 1 female (God help her) obviously she has far too mnay admirers so I actually bought 4 females from a local farmer – job done or so I thought.  Didnt plan on the geese guarding her flock and not allowing the new female Ducks anywhere near the boys haha – so day by day we are trying to get them to meet, keep having to chase the geese away they are like bodyguards.  We seem also to be attracting the wild ducks with a number of others frequenting the pond and grounds which is lovely.

DIY Update

It has been another busy month, we are working on 2 Suites simultaneously The Napoleon and The Royale – both are around 80% complete now, but unfortunately other urgent work has delayed their completion.  We had to finalise our Fire Safety at the Chateau – part of that was installing wifi fire alarms which are now compelted, fitting 4 Fire Doors (we unfortunately had to remove beautiful old original doors to do this – not very happy about this one) and form a fire proof enclosure around our Oil Boiler which Paul has worked hard all week to complete.  That will be us fully signed off – hooray.  

Escape to the Chateau DIY is now Chateau DIY

The new Series is due out March / April 2021 – the final date will be advertised very soon by Channel 4.  Besides the name change it also has a new narrator and there will be no coverage of Dick and Angel just Chateau DIYers.  We are told we appear on 5 episodes although wont see them till they air – so we will be on the edge of our seats hiding behind a cushion haha

The crew spent 10 days with us filming last month and are returning next week for another few days to do some reveal shots – this filming will be for the series due out towards the end of 2021.

We Thank you for your continued support

Donna & Paul