The Chateau is ours at last!

Well, Chateau de Sauge became a reality on the 30th of October 2018. A visit to the Notary and 1 hour later we were the proud owners of the Chateau. The Notary did advise that Frence beaureacy meant that changing a name in a set of title deeds takes 8-9 months! So what do we […]

The Chateau’s getting Closer !

Trying to organize a double shipping move has it challenges! Shippers arrived last week in Phuket to take the majority of our possessions we had previously shipped from Dubai only 5 months previously. Our worldly belongings all now encased in cardboard & bubble wrap and currently awaiting transit in Bangkok. The onward trip to Le […]

Back in Business

Its taken a while and just before our intended departure back to France to undertake another property Tour we revisited on of our favorite properties which was in Saugé in the north west of France.  After some negotiation we are excited to note that we have agreed to purchase the Château de Saugé. A17 page Compromis de Vente […]


After what seems like 50 variants, options, hours spent online looking at a free logo creators, we ended up creating our own. We wanted a crisp elegant logo reflective of the splendor of the property, the answer was literally in front of us!  We wanted to incorporate an image of the property, again after trying […]


The revelation of the week….. yes the world has it problems, people are mean to each other, all news is enivatably “bad” if it can be trusted at all…… but Screwfix deliver to france for 15 quid! If only they could pick up some plasterboard on their way!


We had previously viewed the Chateau online and had it marked as one of our top 5, a visit to Toulouse ensued from our return trip from the UK visiting family. Running short of time we made a last ditch call to Leggett and Caroline, the most helpful agent answered our call. Time will tell […]